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General Info

Life CHAMPS will continue to be a grade based league with a hard date-of-birth cutoff.

Kindergarten - no child should turn 6 before March 1, 2017

1st-2nd grade - no child shall turn 8 before March 1, 2017

3rd-5th grade - no child should turn 10 before March 1, 2017

* Any exceptions must be approved prior to the season and will be decided by LC director and staff. Exceptions will be rare. Any team caught violating this rule will forfeit all games played up to the date violation is discovered and those players will be removed from the team. The coach will serve a 2 game suspension. If a team has a 2nd violation, then the team and coach will be removed from the league. No refunds will be granted to any member of a team removed from the league for violation of this rule.

The 3rd-5th grade flag league will have a rusher that lines up 7 yards from the line of scrimmage and is allowed to rush at the snap of the ball.

Children should play both offense and defense. We are going to let the coaches handle the rotations but if this becomes a problem then Life CHAMPS will intervene and teams will have to provide a roster including each players playing time and this will be monitored. If the rotation is not followed, then the team breaking the rules will forfeit the game.


FLAG ONLY In the K, 1st-2nd grade league, the teams will be limited to 12 protected players on the original roster. The remaining players of the team will be obtained through a draft of all remaining eligible players. All players not on a protected roster will go through evaluations and be placed in the draft pool.

FLAG ONLY (3rd-4th and 5th grade) There will be no limit on protected players up to the roster maximum of 12 players. If teams are not at full roster, then teams with less than 12 will have players assigned until they reach the limit of 12. After all teams are full, each team will be assigned players in order of a random draw (if necessary).