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Football FAQ

For what different grade divisions is the Life CHAMPS football league?
Life CHAMPS youth football is for student athletes Kindergarten thru 6th Grade. We offer the following divisions:

K - 1st Grade Flag

2nd - 3rd Grade Flag

4th - 6th Grade Flag

Will there be CHARACTER athletes of the year for Flag and Footabll?
Yes. Please keep your eye out for those special athletes, and at the end of the year you will be able to nominate the athletes. The winning players will receive a one year scholarship to D1 Sports and more. Training.

What is the cut-off date to qualify for the different grade divisions?
August 1st of the fall school year. If you are registering for football summer camp, please register for the grade you will be going into in the fall.

I've registered my athlete for the fall league, what do I do next?
Make sure to register with your preferred email address and then check your email frequently for important communication from the Life CHAMPS team. Frequently check the "News" section on the website for the latest LC announcements and information. Also, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for news and photos. After that, your coach will contact you about practices and what to do next!

How long does the season last?
Life CHAMPS teams play seven games on Sunday afternoon for seven weeks, weather permitting. The playoffs are then played the week after the final regular season games.

When are games played?
Sunday afternoons. Playoff and any make-up games could be played on week nights and possibly Saturdays.

Where are games played?
All flag games will be on the fields next to Fellowship Bible Church.

When will practices begin for the fall league?
Coaches are responsible for setting up practice times for their individual teams. Life CHAMPS does not schedule or have this information. Teams are allowed to practice before the official rosters are turned in to the League office.

How many times per week will my child practice?
Once the season begins and games are underway, we encourage our coaches to limit the practices to twice per week. Often a coach will practice several times per week during the pre-season to get his team ready to play.

How do I become a coach?
All of our coaches are volunteers and we appreciate the dedication it takes to teach young athletes to be champions for life!!! You will sign up on our website to be a Life CHAMPS Coach.

How much does it cost to play in the fall league?
The cost is $175 for flag football, jerseys are provided.

Due to a change in our merchant processing system, there will be an $8 fee for all credit card transactions when registering for the fall league. There is no fee when paying by money order, cashiers check, or check.

What does the registration fee cover?
For the registration fee you get the best youth football experience around, including participation in the Life CHAMPS, Your athlete will get full participation in the Life CHAMPS regular and post-season play, pursuit of a super-bowl championship, the opportunity to play youth football in an environment of healthy competition. They will be led by coaches who have committed to embrace their power to be a positive influence with their players. Includes a Life CHAMPS reversible game-day jersey, for flag players only, and season-ending trophy reminding every player, tackle and flag, to be a champion in life year-round. Fees cover stadiums with functioning score boards and play clocks, referees, field maintenance, staffing at stadiums and the fields at Fellowship, game scheduling, the Life CHAMPS website, administration of the league, and much, much more.

Will my athlete need any special gear?
Flag players will need a white helmet, football or soccer cleats, and a mouth piece. Jerseys are provided by Life CHAMPS.

Can I put my athlete on a certain coaches' team?
If you already know a coach, you can ask him to put the player on his team, but the COACH will be responsible for placing the athlete on his team when he turns in his Coaches Registration and Protected Player List.

I would like to be a Life CHAMPS coach. How many protected players can I bring to my team?

For the League please see below numbers for each grade/division.

All Flag Age Groups - 12 players

What if I am not already on a team?
For all players that are new to Life CHAMPS, we will place you on an existing team. Teams which bring the least amount of players will be filled first until they have the minimum amount of players for each division.

How many players are on the field for the different divisions?
All Flag teams will play 7 on 7 football.